Janet M. | Senior Life Specialist

Janet and her husband Tom were members of the Kroc Center and the Senior Life Program before Janet became the Senior Life Specialist. She completed her Master’s Degree in Sociology and a Master’s Certification in Applied Gerontology from the University of Nebraska at Omaha. Previously, Janet was the Director of Partnerships in Aging/Caregiving and facilitated the Grandparent Resource Center through Eastern Nebraska Office on Aging.

Senior Life at The Kroc

Our goal is to armor older adults with the knowledge and tools to live a healthy and meaningful life which will be measured by participation, member feedback, and survey responses.

Senior Life Program Highlights

Social Engagement

Monthly potlucks and other social gatherings enable members to meet one another and gain new friendships.  Many of these gatherings involve performances from the Merrymakers Association, who provide professional musical entertainment.

Sewing Lab

Come learn basic sewing techniques and work on projects you can use in your everyday life (e.g. fabric caddy, schlep bag, water bottle caddy, etc.). Most materials will be supplied. If you have ideas or projects you have wanted to try but feel you could use some guidance to develop your sewing techniques, let us know!

Educational Offerings

Monthly presentations on various topics of interest to our senior members.  Presenters from various businesses and organizations have included Elder Law of Omaha, Natural Grocers, Humana, Aetna, Alzheimer’s Association and more. 


One day per week there are several members that bring in their current art/craft projects and have an opportunity to socialize and share their craft ideas.  Periodically art and craft workshops are offered to enable members to learn something new. 

Open Art Studio

Once per week our art lab is open for seniors to work on their personal art projects.  There are numerous mediums available for you to utilize.


Throughout the week there are groups that join together to play Mahjong, Canasta and other card games.

Book Swap (Coming Soon!)

Individuals donating books will be asked to provide a short narrative on why they liked the book and provide a brief synopsis on the book’s story.   Members are invited to come together and share with others books they have read.  There is a library of books available to swap.