Fine Arts

Immersing yourself or a child in the arts is a great way to lead a more fulfilling and enriching life. Whether it’s learning to play an instrument or read music, or taking a shot at singing, dancing, or acting, there is a place to develop your talent and pursue your dreams here at The Kroc Center.

Fine Arts Program Highlights

Clay Works (Ages 19+)

Looking for a pottery studio to create independently? The Kroc Center offers pottery wheels, tools and glazes along with any of supplies you may need to create and a place to store them. Included is also the ability to fire your finished pieces. Your first 25lbs of clay is included to create in this 16-hour session.

Introduction to Wheel Throwing

Learn the basics on how to use a pottery wheel to create different projects. Start small with emphasis on mastering crucial skills needed for more advanced techniques such as centering and trimming.

Private Pottery Lessons (Ages 7+)

Looking for some individual instruction or lessons for yourself or a child? We can provide instruction based on your interests to excel in any fine art medium. Purchase one-60-minute session or get a discount by purchasing packages of 4 or 8 sessions.  These private lessons are for anyone ages 7+ and will be scheduled to fit your schedule.

JOY Pottery (Ages 19+)

Working with clay strengthens hands, wrists and arms. 

Feel a real sense of accomplishment when you finish your first pot, cup or bowl while learning all the fundamentals and techniques that go along with pottery. 2-3 projects will be completed during this course.

Group Piano Lessons

Students will learn the fundamental skills to play the piano and develop their creativity by incorporating theory, improvisation, and ensemble playing. No previous knowledge in music required.

Private Piano Lessons

One-on-one piano instruction for any skill level!

Dedicated 1-on-1 time with your instructor can provide you with seeing progress in a shorter amount of time!

Sessions are 30-minutes long, are scheduled according to your availability and can be purchased as a single lesson or receive a discount with the package price of 4 or 8.

30-minute Private Instruction in Drum Set

Learn techniques with the different elements of a drum set!
Member –
$30 (single lesson),
$100 (4-pack)
$190 (8-pack)

Non Member –
$50 (single lesson)
$120 (4-pack)
$210 (8-pack)

Sessions are scheduled with the instructor directly so to register please call us at 402-905-3500!

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Give us a call at 402-905-3500 and one of our Welcome Desk associates will be happy to get you started.