Michael Sivels | Health & Fitness Manager

Michael feels extremely fortunate to have the privilege of leading the Health & Fitness department here at the Kroc. In this role he is able to use his background in Education and Fitness as a platform to connect his knowledge and passion with others as they navigate their fitness journeys. He enjoys being active with his family, playing and coaching sports, competing, and playing music. He prays that he is able to use his passion for people and and his community to empower those around him.

Health & Fitness

Better health leads to a better you. Our fitness center is available for strength, cardio, endurance, flexibility, functional fitness, personal training and agility training. Additional training classes, like equipment instruction and developing a proper workout routine, are also available to help you get the most out of your workout.

Health & Fitness Program Highlights

Weights for Women

Women at any age can learn how to safely and effectively use weightlifting to improve muscle tone, weight loss and bone health.

During this 8-week progressive class, an experienced female instructor will teach you how to use free weights with proper form, working all major muscle groups and familiarize yourself with weight room etiquette.

Personal Jump Start

This is a great way to start your membership here at the Kroc Center! This is a free service that allows you to document your progress no matter what areas you use. Whether you’re looking to lower your blood pressure or lose a few pounds we can get you started out on the right track.

Call to schedule an appointment!

Kroc I.E

This four week class is designed to introduce youth ages 8-15 to body weight strength training and the use of cardio machines on the Fitness Deck. youth will receive instructions on proper etiquette, how to safely use the equipment, and learn the importance of exercise form. RESTRICTIONS APPLY. Please register at the front desk to save your spot and learn more!

Kroc I.E Fast Track

The time doesn’t work for you?! Check out our Kroc I.E Fast Track. It is a 90 minute one-time class. RESTRICTIONS APPLY. Please register at the front desk to save your spot and learn more!

Drop-In Fitness Classes

Les Mills Virtual Fitness

You can attend scheduled strength, cardio, HIIT, martial arts, cycle, yoga classes and more!

You can also use the virtual system to do a workout when it fits your schedule!

Escape Octagon

With classes focusing on body conditioning, cross training and athletic based training we will have something for every “body”. When you move from conventional and weight machines into functional training, you will notice the difference in minutes. The biggest change will be in the “fun” factor of the process.


This is a 60 minute class for all fitness levels. Arrive early to get a spot.


Grow awareness of your body, reduce stress, and work your muscles. Please bring your own mat and additional equipment for the class. Space is limited.

Silver Sneakers Yoga

Get ready to move through a complete series of seated and standing yoga poses designed to increase flexibility, balance, and range of movement.

Cycle Combo

This class is intended to incorporate medium intense cardio for those who are beginners to cycle and members who are in recovery of some kind. Members who need extended core work to strengthen core and increase flexibility.

Element Flow

A yoga style class that combines feel good/therapeutic stretches, calisthenics, and mobility exercises with music to deepen your mind body connection.

Silver Sneakers Fit and Function

This class is based on strategy and movement to assist adults in safely improving mobility and function.

Kroc Fit Club

Kroc Fit Club is a group exercise class intended to give likeminded individuals an opportunity to have a guided workout in a dedicated time and place. Participants will be challenged with strength and cardio based exercises but encouraged to do their best in the inclusive environment.

Mom’s Walking Club

Mom’s walking club is a group/ time for moms to make friends, have fellowship, create connections, and gain/offer support to and from others while being active.

Line Dancing

A form of dance in which memory, coordination and balance come together including a little bit of cardiovascular fitness.


Suspension Training gives your strength routine a twist that provides results.

Core and Glutes

Core and Glutes is a group exercise class intentionally designed to help and teach participants how to increase balance and stability through core strength.

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