Find a job you love

Our dedicated staff and volunteers are part of what makes The Omaha Kroc Center so special. Our commitment to serving others and creating a welcoming environment helps create a community. Applying for a position is easy! Simply click the button below and you will be directed to The Salvation Army’s job portal where you can view online job listings and begin your digital application.

What Does it Mean to be a Kroc Employee?

  • You have an opportunity to be a coach, mentor, leader, spiritual navigator, cheerleader, and part of a family’s or individual’s support network.
  • You inspire people to discover their God given talents and support them as they develop and discover their possibilities.
  • You provide eye-opening, soul shaping opportunities in a world where opportunities may seem out of reach. You may not see the immediate impact you have, but you can be confident that the positive impact you have on this world will have a resonating effect for years to come.
  • You get to be a catalyst for growth and make a difference in the world.