Alyssa Cho l Aquatics Manager

Alyssa enjoys creating a safe and fun environment for all types of guests in the Aquatic Center and has a passion for creating opportunities for individuals who were not as fortunate as she was.

Aquatics at The Kroc

Talk about a wet and wild experience when you come swimming at The Kroc! Whether you’re a competitive athlete or just like to wade, we’ve got something for everyone! What’s in store? Well, we’ve got a top-of-the-line 6 lane, 25 yard competition pool, and a fun 81,877 gallon leisure pool with a fun water slide and a toddler-sized slide, water features, and a lazy river. Our Aquatics Department is dedicated to providing quality classes and training no matter your age or ability.

Registration Policy

Omaha Kroc Members are able to register for classes 2 days before non-members.

Registration Dates will be communicated by the Aquatics Manager or Assistant Manager.

Attendance Policy

  • The student is required to attend 5 out of the 8 classes to insure the class is moving forward in unity.
    • If you do not meet this minimum, you will be notified and registration restrictions will be communicated to you.
    • Please tell the Aquatics Manager or the Member Service Desk of any schedule complications in advance via email or phone call.
  • In order to receive refunds or credits, a request needs to be made via email or phone call 7 business days in advance.

Aquatics Program Highlights

Face-Up First

These 10-minute classes utilize the proven Face-Up First Method which is one of the safest and most efficient ways to learn how to swim.  These classes offer a small teacher to student ratio. 

Flexible scheduling and no level requirements mean that friends and siblings can participate in the same swim lesson regardless of age or skill level.  

Lessons are purchased in packages of 8 lessons and run for 8 consecutive weeks.

Kroc Swim Team

The Omaha Kroc Center’s Swim Team is a great way to introduce youth ages 6-17 to competitive swimming in a fun, relaxed environment.

Swim team participants enhance stroke techniques in the four competitive strokes, learn racing starts and turns, how to train with equipment, competitive swimming etiquette and water safety habits.
Participants are invited to participate in swim meets throughout the season.

Kroc Swim Lessons

From beginners to experienced swimmers, The Kroc Center provides lessons for every skill level.  Our Certified American Red Cross Instructors make lessons fun and help students to develop both swimming skills and self-confidence. Swim lesson students are moved through progressive levels of swim lessons as they accomplish new skills and abilities.

Fast Track Swim Lessons

Fast Track Swim Lessons are traditional American Red Cross classes ranging from general preschool to Level 3 occurring every Monday through Thursday for 30 minutes per day. Everyday repetition helps children develop life saving skills at a faster rate. The increased duration also allows children to move up in lessons quicker!

Swim Lessons for All Ages

The Kroc Center is proud to offer the American Red Cross Learn-to-Swim program. This progressive program helps children learn the fundamentals of swimming and water safety through the teaching and assessment of critical water skills.

Preschool Swim Lessons (Ages 2 – 5 Years)

Jump into fun! This class emphasizes water adjustment, exploration and skills through teaching activities, drills and games. Children who are not potty trained must wear a swim diaper to class.

This level is designed for children who have limited or no water experience.

LEVEL 1: Intro to Aquatics

Students in this class are new swimmers or comfortable in the water.

They learn to blow bubbles, put their face in the water, back float, front glide, roll from front to back and back to front, and swim freestyle with good form for short distances.

LEVEL 2: Aquatic Fundamentals

Students learn safety floats, jumping into the water, back glides, back stroke, elementary backstroke, and continue to improve their form for freestyle.

LEVEL 3: Stroke Development

Students have mastered the basics of freestyle and backstroke, and are ready to learn rotary breathing. Swimmers improve their elementary backstroke form, learn dolphin kick, and are introduced to the deep water in the competition pool for treading water and beginning diving.

LEVEL 4: Stroke Improvement

While improving their rotary breathing, backstroke, and elementary backstroke, students learn the butterfly, breaststroke, and will swim longer distances. They also learn open turns for freestyle & backstroke and learn to dive from the side of the pool.

Students can swim full lengths of the Comp Pool and increase their stamina and speed in all strokes through swimming drills.

ADULT: Ages 13 and older

Adult swim lessons are for all skill levels ages 13 & older. We also offer private and semi-private class options. For more information please contact our aquatics department at 402-905-3592.

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USA Swimming Foundation

Our swimming lessons are made possible through partnering with the USA Swimming Foundation. For more information, click the logo to the left.

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